Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Road Intervals ~~~~~

Drove from school to Scarlett Street, paced out a 200m stretch marked by trees etc on either side of road.  First, 1.5k warm-up

12 x 200m in 1:24 (based on 36min 5km time)

1:18;  1:24;  1:47;  1:18;  1:11;  1:18;  1:23;  1:17;  1:02;  1:14;  1:03;  1:18

Forgot to look up program for RI, but made up one of my own!  Started each repeat when HR dropped from approx. 121 to 93 bpm, i.e. just a few seconds walking around before starting off again.  I feel this short session went well and I very much enjoyed it!

Scarlett Street

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