Thursday, November 03, 2016

Training by Heart Rate ~~~~~~

I needed something different for a while so have decided on Mark Allen method which I've used before when I felt I was getting nowhere except exhausted with training by pace.!  For me HR between 93 and 103 has to be it.

Bowral parkrun course, gorgeous morning, newly mowed grass hill,  5km run keeping HR nearer to lower number.  Nothing to lose by doing this for some weeks; after Fishers Ghost nothing important up ahead and I like change if I think it's going to make some improvements.

As I expected I had to walk most of the 5km to keep HR within ranges, even stopping a couple of times but believe this is a good method for now, especially as my aerobic capacity looks like being at zero level by having to walk so much of the distance to keep HR down.

Heart Rate Results:

AHR 100bpm ...exactly where I wanted to be!

MHR 121bpm

Lowest HR 80bpm

TE 2.0 = 'Maintaining'   This surprised me most, getting 2.0 having walked with a lower heart rate when till today and training by pace, I'd been struggling to get out of the 'Minor' category of TE!  Interesting few weeks ahead!


  1. Very interesting! That's what I'm doing except for one harder effort a week (parkrun). Must say I'm enjoying the easier running. Noticed you didn't run Bowral today - hope all is okay.

  2. Missed Bowral because I was just too tired and it was blowing a gale. Yes, I've always still intended to run parkrun as hard as ever!! In the coming week will also do a few sprints in preparation for Fishers Ghost.