Friday, August 31, 2007

Chev Track....

Program : 3km cross country warm-up. Strides. Drills.
12 laps of Lane 7 (4,800m) keeping AHR at 120 or a bit higher.
Take splits every 4 laps...each 4 laps should be about the same.
2km Warm-down.

I set off for the 3km XC warm-up wearing #3 Frees....Another warm morning with a slight breeze enjoyable jog.

On the track, I changed into the 'Magic Racers' because the ground hadn't completely dried out in the outside lanes. This was a very comfortable session which Ewen intends to vary in the coming weeks using different numbers of laps with some in the 'lower' & others in the 'upper' HR training zones. Very interesting & never a dull moment!

4 Lap Splits : 11:06; 11:26; 11:34
AHR for all 12 laps = 123bpm (83%).

Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Barefoot in the Park"....

The grass in Ironmines Oval looked so lush & cool, I removed the #3 Frees & did today's training in barefeet....the cool, damp grass felt delicious & I haven't run barefoot since I was a child several millenniums ago! So this might be the 'second childhood' you have when you don't want a 'second childhood'!

Program : Rest Day.... OR .....Easy Run including strides & drills.

I chose to use 30 minutes for a short easy run with strides followed by 30 minutes of drills & a few hill repeats....all in barefeet & it felt comfortable & cushy!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Medium Long Run...

Some parts of Diamond Fields Road where I ran this morning.....well, at mid-day really! A warm Spring day. Wore #3 Frees...longest run in them; good on the legs. I might wear them for Blackmore's Half Marathon.

Program : 14km + with low heart rate 105-113.

I did 16km :

Out 8km : 60 minutes .... AHR = 104 (70%); MHR = 128 (86%). Avg. Pace = 7:28/k.
Back 8k : 63 minutes..... AHR = 104 (70%); MHR = 116 (78%). Avg. Pace = 7:49/k

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Short Low Heart Rate Run...

Program : 10km run with HR 105-113. Last 3km pick up the pace.

Another lovely Spring morning, though another cold break is forecast for later in the week. Warm & windy. Wore Blue Frees. Another blossom out!

5km : Time = 39.57. Avg. Pace 7.5; AHR = 98 (66%), MHR =115(75%).

5km : Time = 37:32. Avg. Pace 7.2; AHR = 110(74%), MHR =127(86%).

Negative Split = 2:25

Monday, August 27, 2007

Spring is Here....

...but not much 'spring' in my steps yesterday!
Program : 30km run at low HR 105 -113 (71% - 76%).
I did this run as 3 x10km loops from the car out along Diamond Fields Road. Gels, sports drink & water in the car. For the last 2 loops (20k) my legs ached badly ...for whatever reasons....and did so for the rest of the day! Still a bit sore today.
Loop 1. (10k) 1 hour 20 minutes...slow!
AHR 105.
Loop 2. (10k) 1 hour 23 minutes ...slower!
AHR 106.
Loop 3. (10k) 1 hour 29 minutes..slowest!
AHR 103
4 hours 15 minutes running time.
68km Week Total.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Chev Track.....

...the grass was cut, the lanes were marked & I had a lone magpie for company for today's track speck in Lane 5! I ran in Lane 7 which is 400m.

Program : 10 minutes warm-up + strides.

5 x 1600m repetitions. 90 seconds rest between each rep.

Rep. 1. Heart rate @ 104bpm (70% of Max.)

Rep. 2. Heart rate % 112bpm (76% of Max.)

Rep. 3. 120bpm (81% of Max.)

Rep. 4. 128 (86% of Max.)

Rep. 5. 136 (91%of Max.)

Results : Time, Rep. 1. = 13:56 (8:42/k);

Rep. 2. 12:36 (7:53/k);

Rep. 3. 11:10 (6:59/k);

Rep. 4. 10:23 (6:29/k);

Rep. 5. 10:05 (6:18/k).

This was a new, challenging & motivating track session! It was good to get back on the track again instead of the treadmill, even though a couple of the curves were water logged & muddy & became worse each time I ran those sections. Only the last repetition was really tough!

The Magic Racers (trainers) had to be hosed down with a jet stream of water when I got home...I preferred a hot shower!

In about 6 weeks time, I get to repeat this session...with what results? Who knows? I don't, but I'll bet Ewen does!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rest or.......

1. Program : Rest .......or drills & strides in the soccer field.

Ironmines Oval : 5km.

I did a bit of both.....about 40 minutes low heart rate run (105-113/70%-75%) followed by 25 minutes drills etc... down came the rain, hurried home & made some Low GI Banana and Nut Cookies, which no one else gets to eat! Recipe: Ingredients
4 ripe bananas
150g soy/soya flour
80g wholemeal flour
2 googies (!)eggs
3 tablespoons olive oil (Extra Virgin, of course!)
Half teaspoon baking powder
25g cashew nuts
25g raisins

1. Mash all 4 bananas in a small bowl using a fork, then transfer to a larger cooking bowl. If you want to have less washing up you can mash the bananas in the large bowl but, you will find it a lot harder work!

2. Slowly mix the soy & wholemeal flour & baking powder into the bananas causing the mixture to thicken.

3. Mix in the eggs & olive oil to form a smooth paste.

4. Add the cashews & raisins & gently mix them in.

5. Line 2 baking trays with baking paper & lightly grease. Using 2 spoons transfer six (I make 12 smaller ones!) large scoops of the mixture onto each baking tray. Cook for 15 minutes in an oven preheated to 190 degrees C/380 degrees F Gas.

Manna in the wilderness!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Medium Long Run.....

Program : 14km Run. First 7km with low heart rate; second 7km with heart rate 120 -124 (81% - 83% of Max. HR).

I used the gym treadmill again this morning, not because of the weather though it was very cold, but because on the treadmill I can regulate heart rate more easily & evenly.

So...14km total. Last 7km, by keeping the treadmill at 10kph and occasionally slowing down to 9.8kph, I was able to keep heart rate around 123/124bpm. All good!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Easy Run....

I'd had enough of the rain on Sunday, so when it was showery this morning I was off to the gym.

Program : 10km low heart rate.

I listened to "Carousel" while running on the treadmill...I nearly always cry when I hear "I'll Never Walk Alone" & this morning was no exception. No one would have noticed though, because a stray tear would have blended in well with the sweat!

Treadmill set at 8.5-9kph : 10km. I included 6 x 100m strides. Heart Rate 112bpm/76% of Max.

No "hang-over" from Sunday's half marathon.....good!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Bankstown Half Marathon......

Odzookens! I had the company of not one, but two of my favourite men in yesterday's Bankstown Half Marathon! Plu ran the entire race with me because he wanted a slow run....and he got it! Eagle came back out on the course when we had 9km to go & from thereon this happy trio chatted, jogged, sloshed & even ran.... all the way for me to finish in 2 hours 36 minutes.

I was pleased with the time considering the conditions : rain (which I'd much prefer to the heat), running in soaked clothing, 2 toilet stops(!) AND those hills which, as has happened to Mr Rudd under different circumstance, I'd completely forgotten about! Anyhow, as is popular to do so now, any discomfort I felt can all be blamed on 'global warming'!
Up early 4:30a.m.; left Mittagong at 5:30a.m. & had a quick but wet drive to Georges Hall as I think the area is called where the races were run. Time to do a 3km warm-up, collect bib & we were off. I won a prize in the lucky draw - a fold-up canvas chair, with one drink holder. With no competition for an age category win, I got that too!
Time = 2hours 36 minutes.
Avg. HR = 82% (121); Max HR = 92% (137).
Avg. Pace = 7:20

A red letter day.....heyday!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Treadmill again for.......

Warm-up 2km.
A few drills & strides...(on the large class floor.)
3km with heart rate @ 120bpm (81% of max.)
Warm-down 2km.

All went according to plan. Wore #3 Frees.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Good Old Reliable Nathan....!

That song has been going round & round in my head since I listened to "Guys & Dolls", the Original Broadway Musical, one & a half times while slogging out 14km, non-stop, on the treadmill this morning. That has to be some sort of record for any old doll!! I just wish that song would go away or, at least, one of the others take its place!

Program : 14km (or more if you feel like it)...I didn't feel like it!

Heart Rate 75-80% of Max.
It was raining, so a good excuse to train indoors & try out the new Asics DS Trainer....all white & yellow & I wasn't going to get them dirty! A lighter shoe than the previous DS Trainer I felt.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Short Run....

Extremely cold day : top of 8 degrees C.

A short & easy run....7km with heart rate @ 70 - 75% of Max.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Morning After......

The City to Surf : still a bit stiff in the legs this morning, so I went across to Ironmines Oval & ran, very slowly, on the grass for 5km to loosen up the muscles...which it did!

We left Mittagong by coach at 6:00 a.m. yesterday...dropped off right at the start, picked up at the finish & took us to lunch at the Charing Cross Hotel before returning to Mittagong at 4:30 p.m.

My correct time for the C2S, from the Herald newspaper, 104:07. It was a comfortable, though very hot, run but I felt fine all the way from A to B (Bondi)! I took my hand-held water bottle with 500ml of sports drink so that I didn't have to go near the crowded water stations. Very pleased I did this too! Almost as pleased as I was to see/hear the cheer squad at the approach to Bondi Beach!
I think 104 minutes, but will update tomorrow. ....(exactly right...except for .07!!)
A couple of pics at Bondi Beach & Charing Cross Hotel for lunch.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Treadmill Track Session.....

The gym was a good place to be away from today's strong wind.

Program: 2km slow warm-up & strides.
Set treadmill on 9kph.
3km with heart rate at 120bpm....stop if over 130!
2km warm-down.

3km @ 120bpm : after 1km HR was 115. Treadmill up to 9.5kph. Last 2km (of 3) at this speed, heart rate remained between 120 & 124. Total distance = 7km.

No problemo!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Medium Long Run.....

A gusty wind blowing this morning sending swirls of red dust across Diamond Fields Road.

Program : 14km or longer.

A stop half way for some stretching & another on the way back to say 'Hello' to some fine looking horse friends who always trot down to the fence when I go by & if I stand very quietly beside them, one of them reaches his head out until his warm velvety muzzle rubs against my arm & cheek...wonderful feeling!
17km. Avg. heart rate = 98bpm.
Time = 2hrs:25. Windy with swirls of red dust blowing across Diamond Fields Road. How does that red dust get through shoes & socks leaving feet covered in it?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Short Recovery Run....

A super almost Spring morning.. .... warms the cockles of one's heart to be alive & running today!

Program : Easy 7 or 8 km run.

No effort needed to do 8km in such perfectly lovely conditions! Low heart rate Avg. 98 bpm for 4km out from the car in 35:39; picked up the pace a bit for the return 4km, HR Avg. 102 bpm in 33:29. Walked any time heart rate got above 102bpm....which was often!

A thoroughly refreshing start to a week leading into the City to Surf!

Monday, August 06, 2007

An All Day Affair.....

The longest run in a long while. I didn't write my blog last night: there would have been too many typo errors for Ewen to pick up on! There's probably still some...oh well!

Program : Long Run 32km.

This would have been my longest run in a long while. The day was cold, extremely windy & I didn't take my jumper off from start to finish & not starting till after 11:00 a.m., the run became an all day affair!

I chose Diamond Fields Road : soft dirt surface, less hills, no traffic except for the occasional property owners coming or going, some shelter from the cold wind & able to run in the middle of the road & avoid the cambers. Some of these folk, most of whom know me by now, passed me on their way out in the morning & I was still there, going backwards & forwards, when they returned late afternoon! How mad it must have seemed!

I decided, as suggested by Ewen, to do the 32km in 4 x 8km loops, out from the car 4km & back 4km...4 times. That way I had access to a gel, sports drink & water after each 8km & no need to carry anything...except myself! Small chunks (4 times 8km) are mentally easier to handle than 32km!

My plan for the first 2 loops (16km) was to keep heart rate very low (at 70%) no matter how long it took, slow jog & walking the hills when it went above 102bpm...& believe me, it did take a long time! The last 2 loops (16km) I picked up the pace to get heart rate up another level : 102-112 and for the last 8km 112+ whatever!

Splits for each 8km : 1:15 (HR avg. 97); 1:16 (HR avg. 99); 1:06 (HR avg. 109); 1:04 (HR avg. 115). All HRs between 70% & 80% of Max.
About 4.5 hours running time - add on eating/drinking at the car...probably 5 hours all up. 88.7km for the week.

I finished off with a warm-down by walking, ever so slowly, around the soccer field (about 7 minutes) where I'd parked the car.

I was very tired & these lucky legs were so stiff last night I nearly cried.....nearly, but I didn't! Instead I had a cup of tea & a lie down. I'd planned an early night, but I never do have one's always midnight or later & it was again. I just get comfortable on the lounge, Jim waits on me (Oh dear!) & I can't be bothered moving....& I was enjoying "Silent Witness" that we'd taped on Friday night.

Feeling fine today, but having a rest day just the same!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Track on the Treadmill....

Program : 2km warm-up.
Stretches, drills, strides.
3km with heart rate between 130 -140.....ease off at 138.
2km warm-down.

As usual on the treadmill, it takes more than 1km for me to get to this heart rate & by the time I do, the 3kms is just about up! After the warm-up & break for drills etc. I have to restart the engine slowly at 10kph & gradually speed up to 12kph which I find almost impossible to stay at for fear of flying off the treadmill! All this being the case, I probably run only the last 500m with heart rate between 130 and 140! I must ask Ewen about the logic of this.

Rest tomorrow & then a huge one on Sunday 32km...Good God, I'll be gone all day!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Rest or Easy Run...+ Drills & Strides

An easy run drills or strides!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Medium Long Run

Program : 15km low heart rate run....pick up the pace in the last 5km.

From the car 3 x5km loops. First 2 loops with heart rate (97-106) 70-75% of Max. Third 5km (111-118) 75-80% of Max.

5km splits: 43:50; 44:13; 37:09

A comfortable run throughout & pushed the pace & heart rate up in the last directed! The weather was on the warmish side & a fairly strong wind on the hilly open road sections.