Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Medium Long Run

Program : 15km low heart rate run....pick up the pace in the last 5km.

From the car 3 x5km loops. First 2 loops with heart rate (97-106) 70-75% of Max. Third 5km (111-118) 75-80% of Max.

5km splits: 43:50; 44:13; 37:09

A comfortable run throughout & pushed the pace & heart rate up in the last directed! The weather was on the warmish side & a fairly strong wind on the hilly open road sections.


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  2. That's a darn impressive workout Lucky Legs. I had to read it a few times to see if I had read it right!

    You ran 15 kms in 3 X 5k intervals. I know you enjoy a considerable age advantage over me and you are obviously yet to reach your peak but there must be some secret.

    Is it the fresh goat's milk and raw eggs you have for breakfast? As a wholesome country girl I think that is what you must be up to.