Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Good Old Reliable Nathan....!

That song has been going round & round in my head since I listened to "Guys & Dolls", the Original Broadway Musical, one & a half times while slogging out 14km, non-stop, on the treadmill this morning. That has to be some sort of record for any old doll!! I just wish that song would go away or, at least, one of the others take its place!

Program : 14km (or more if you feel like it)...I didn't feel like it!

Heart Rate 75-80% of Max.
It was raining, so a good excuse to train indoors & try out the new Asics DS Trainer....all white & yellow & I wasn't going to get them dirty! A lighter shoe than the previous DS Trainer I felt.


  1. Somebody once told me that to get rid of a song from your head you should sing it to yourself the entire way through.

    PS 14k on a treadmill, very very good!

  2. Aki has long heard about my strong preference for 'Guys & Dolls', and has often been subjected to Adelaide's lament - how cool is it to have a song about psychosomatic illness (difficult to detect / affecting the eyes, the ears the nose, the throat?)!

    Look forward to contacting you soon and catching up - you're amazing to go the whole 9 miles on the treadmill! Yeech!