Monday, August 06, 2007

An All Day Affair.....

The longest run in a long while. I didn't write my blog last night: there would have been too many typo errors for Ewen to pick up on! There's probably still some...oh well!

Program : Long Run 32km.

This would have been my longest run in a long while. The day was cold, extremely windy & I didn't take my jumper off from start to finish & not starting till after 11:00 a.m., the run became an all day affair!

I chose Diamond Fields Road : soft dirt surface, less hills, no traffic except for the occasional property owners coming or going, some shelter from the cold wind & able to run in the middle of the road & avoid the cambers. Some of these folk, most of whom know me by now, passed me on their way out in the morning & I was still there, going backwards & forwards, when they returned late afternoon! How mad it must have seemed!

I decided, as suggested by Ewen, to do the 32km in 4 x 8km loops, out from the car 4km & back 4km...4 times. That way I had access to a gel, sports drink & water after each 8km & no need to carry anything...except myself! Small chunks (4 times 8km) are mentally easier to handle than 32km!

My plan for the first 2 loops (16km) was to keep heart rate very low (at 70%) no matter how long it took, slow jog & walking the hills when it went above 102bpm...& believe me, it did take a long time! The last 2 loops (16km) I picked up the pace to get heart rate up another level : 102-112 and for the last 8km 112+ whatever!

Splits for each 8km : 1:15 (HR avg. 97); 1:16 (HR avg. 99); 1:06 (HR avg. 109); 1:04 (HR avg. 115). All HRs between 70% & 80% of Max.
About 4.5 hours running time - add on eating/drinking at the car...probably 5 hours all up. 88.7km for the week.

I finished off with a warm-down by walking, ever so slowly, around the soccer field (about 7 minutes) where I'd parked the car.

I was very tired & these lucky legs were so stiff last night I nearly cried.....nearly, but I didn't! Instead I had a cup of tea & a lie down. I'd planned an early night, but I never do have one's always midnight or later & it was again. I just get comfortable on the lounge, Jim waits on me (Oh dear!) & I can't be bothered moving....& I was enjoying "Silent Witness" that we'd taped on Friday night.

Feeling fine today, but having a rest day just the same!


  1. I feel tired just reading about it.

    I am very much like you - I like the smaller loops rather than one large one. It allows you to guauge how you are going on each loop and to have the confidence of 1 down 3 to go etc.

    Well Done LL - a big week and no doubt you deserve that rest day today and then some!

  2. ...comfortable on the lounge...
    ...someone to wait on you...
    ...can't be bothered moving...

    Seems like you and tiger angel have a lot in common! :-) :-)


    (p.s. I'm gunna *die* for that one :- ) )