Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Medium Long Run.....

A gusty wind blowing this morning sending swirls of red dust across Diamond Fields Road.

Program : 14km or longer.

A stop half way for some stretching & another on the way back to say 'Hello' to some fine looking horse friends who always trot down to the fence when I go by & if I stand very quietly beside them, one of them reaches his head out until his warm velvety muzzle rubs against my arm & cheek...wonderful feeling!
17km. Avg. heart rate = 98bpm.
Time = 2hrs:25. Windy with swirls of red dust blowing across Diamond Fields Road. How does that red dust get through shoes & socks leaving feet covered in it?


  1. I love that you stop halfway to say hello to the horseys :-)

    Great photos too LL, look forward to seeing you a week Sunday!

  2. LL I too stop to talk to horses (not that there are many in Sydney...but if I'm running in the country) and I'm glad to know I'm not alone!

  3. Great photos and Google Earth drawing there.

  4. Just catching up on all my blog reading - its amazing how far beind you get in a week or so!

    Looks like your training is going well, good to see!

    Catch you at C2S on Sunday.

  5. At the moment, if my program said 14k of more, I think I would opt for the 14K.

    You have nice friends LL. i Hope I see you on Sunday.

  6. The weather does look much better where you are. Though I have to say that the weather has improved here - no more fog, but there is a cold wind. I miss the sun!
    Good luck for C2S - have a great time.

  7. Good luck on Sunday, LL!

    If I don't see you amongst the 60,000 on Sunday I should see you amongst the 150 at the Hidden Half the following weekend - I love this time of year!