Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Closing! ~~~~~

I didn't run today.  Instead I cut all the lawns...a clean start to another year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Track with Leah ~~~~~

We met at Chev College, 10:00am, for today's track session. With Leah on holidays, we're able to meet up for our runs for the next couple of weeks and I always enjoy the company.  Because she hasn't been doing much running of late, Leah wanted to run at my pace which was fine with me and so much better than me having to run at her pace!

10 min warm-up & few strides
6 x 400m (should have been 10, but...!) in 2:39 based on my 35min 5km time
400m RI walk/jog

2:36;    2:34;    2:30;    2:33;    2:34;    2:07

Fairly strong wind blowing across the oval.  Otherwise, a pleasant morning and not too hot.  We'll meet again for a tempo run on Thursday, to start the New Year off well.  Tomorrow, I might do a few hill repeats somewhere to finish off the year 2014!   Where did it go??!!  So fast!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Three Days Off! ~~~~

...and back this morning!  The break was just long enough to enjoy Christmas and see some friends.  This morning Leah joined me for my 'longer' weekly run and it was great to have someone to chat to along the way.  We met at "The Briars Inn" and ran the Parkrun course, 5km out and 5km back.  The 500m grass downhill at the start was absolutely waterlogged and no other way down except to slosh through the water; yesterday's Parkrun, which I missed, must have been fun!

On the return, Leah was charged with seeing that, despite ankle deep water, I didn't stop on the 500m uphill to the finish.  She did her job well and I didn't stop once!  I think I'm starting to find it a little easier too...which is a nice feeling!

For today : an easy 10km jog/walk/talk!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Track in the Soccer Field ~~~~~

With storms forecast,  I made a decision not to go to Chev track.  Instead, I used the soccer field at the Highlands School where there would be shelter if needed and also close to home if the forecast was correct.  Much later, now at 1:30 pm the storm isn't too far away judging by the dark grey skies.

I knew the session was going to be a disaster; my legs refuse to work hard two days in a row but it was the only way of getting the three important sessions done this week.

Distance/Time I should have done :
1600m (11:00);    1200m (8:09);    800m (5:22);    400m (2:39)

However, my times were :
11:43;    9:02;    6:08;    3:06

Say no more!  No excuses but the soccer field was very rough, the grass uncut and wet!

Took these pics yesterday from Parkrun course ; forgot to add them!
Lucky cows cooling off!

Cow with 2 alpacas!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Longer Run ~~~~ Apology to Wingecarribee River!

A few posts back I mentioned seeing a 'creek' running alongside the parkrun course in Bowral. It is none other than the Wingecarribee River and an apology to the river is noted here!

For today's longer run ...a day late... picnic at Fitzroy Falls yesterday with friends, lovely! was hot and humid today and I had a raging thirst!  I turned back on the Parkrun course at the entrance to Oxley College where I found a hose connected to a tap and where I was able to refill the tank!  I ran the downhill start fast and then jogged/walked the rest of the run.  I was so tired today; track tomorrow.....Xmas and having to change days mucks up my running!

Today  :  11.2km

After the downhill start I turned left instead of the usual right turn onto the course.  It only goes another 500m and ends, so the full course would be 5km.  I forced myself to run 'that hill' each timed I passed it which was 2.5 times!

 .... along the course :

Saturday, December 20, 2014


No PB today!  Yet, I felt like I was running better than last week...not so!

5km in 35:21  (22sec slower than last Sat.)

7:20;   7:02;   6:54;  6:54;   7:09 
Avg. Pace :  7:06m
AHR 84%;  MHR 94%.


Avg. spm = 170
Max. spm = 235
Avg. Vert. Osc. = 6.6cm
Avg. Ground Contact time = 292ms
Avg. Stride Length 0.83

TE 3.6 = Improving!

A few Santas and reindeer running today!  Weather, good but a little humid.  A lane had been mowed through the paddock since I was there on Thursday, so no one got lost.  Heard, though, that a few runners in previous weeks have NOT been going as far as the turnaround!!  Can't believe it!  Why would you bother running/walking at all if it wasn't to test yourself over the full 5km?  I was shocked to hear it announced a few weeks back.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tempo Run on Bowral PARKRUN course ~~~~~ with photo stops!

Part of that final hill!

In the last photo above, the hay, which was 'as high as an elephant's eye' has been cut and our pathway through to the cycle track has disappeared!  On the run back today I didn't know where the turn-off was to start the hill climb.  I consequently took the wrong clearance and ran up a middle section whereas I think the correct lane is the dark green patch on the bottom right of the photo!   The hill also goes well beyond what can be seen at the top of the pic. It turns left and just keeps on keeping on! I wonder what difference this change will make on Saturday.  Probably no one else knows yet!

Today's Tempo Run :

1.5km warm-up
5km @ ST pace (7:29m/k)
1.5km cool-down

I was very slow today and the soles of my feet are sore from running on concrete!  I think it's the worst surface...for me anyhow;  my feet are still sore several hours later, but I went to the Parkrun course specifically to face that final hill again!

Time for 5km : 39 minutes....with stops.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Long Hill Repeats ~~~~

As suggested by Pete Magill :   Run uphill for 60 seconds and stop.  That's as far as you go in all  following repeats.

6 x 60 seconds 
Bong Bong Road

Despite the fact that I don't get far in 60 seconds, it was still a decently hard session.

I plan to do tomorrow's tempo run on Saturday's Parkrun course as I did last Thursday.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"Going about our business" ~~~~~

It was with a deep sadness that I drove to Chevalier College this morning and, though geographically far removed from Sydney's tragedy in this morning's early hours, it was impossible not to be emotionally close and involved.  My insignificant 'business' today was a track session and so I got about doing it.

Warm-up  :  1 set of Magill drills with alternating strides
4 x 1000m @ 6:44m/k

6:40;    6:38;    6:41;    6:35

Few stretches and home. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Parkrun 5km in mud and slush!
Plenty of mud and water to maneuver on the track and especially on the grass hill.  Shoes and socks soaked right  from the start as there was no way of avoiding the quagmire on the grass.

Other than that, a cool morning...good for a run and especially good for a new PB.
I left VP run at last Saturday's pace (7:07) but, even though I didn't watch him as closely today as I did last week, nevertheless I finished ahead!

Time :  34:59 (official) 34:55 Garmin. PB by 32 seconds.

Avg. Pace:  7:01m/k
Splits :  7:07;  6:51;  6:55;  6:48;  7:13....that hill again!
AHR 86%;  MHR 96%

TE  3.7 = Improving!!

Avg. Cadence 177spm
Max Cadence 190spm
Avg. Vert. Osc.  6.1cm
Avg. Ground Contact Time 277ms
Avg. Stride Length  0.8m.

A very small group of runners this morning...32

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tempo Run ~~~~

Weather awful!  Windy and showery.  I decided last night that I'd do today's run on Bowral Parkrun course for two reasons mainly : one was to get over the hurdle of passing the halfway point of Parkrun's 5km and the other was to tackle that final hill again! In spite of the bad weather I set off and ran the course in terrible wind and the occasional heavy shower.

It wasn't until today that I realised there was a wide creek to the left of the course and follows it all the way.  Amazed that I'd never seen it before today! On past the turnaround point, the cycle way winds up and down through what would be Moss Vale and Burradoo areas; all green fields after the rain.  The creek at some stage is replaced by the railway line that comes from Sydney and goes through to Moss Vale and then on to Goulburn.  Not a person or bike rider to be seen when I turned around just after Oxley College and no one on the way back either.  No wonder, with a most unpleasant headwind all the way back to the start.  The last 1.5km was a cool-down but when I came to the soaked grass hill I took a deep breath and ran as fast as I could up to the finish! I have a hope that the more often I run this hill, the easier it'll get!

6.5km on Parkrun course.

Enjoyed the run, despite the weather; my only disappointment was seeing that VP had finished ahead of me by just over a minute!

Tempo Run:

1.5km warm-up
6.5km @ MT pace (7:23m/k based on 35.30 for 5km)
1.5km cool-down.

Time : 48:16
7:33m/k Avg.
AHR 82%;  MHR 89%
7:24;  7:44;  7:46;  7:21;  7:49;  7:31;  (3:35)

TE  3.3 =  Improving!  Really?

9.5km for the day.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Magill's Short Hills ~~~~~

After finishing school at 12:00pm and with a hill at the end of the street, I did the first of Pete Magill's suggested short hill repeats.  Whereas his long hills are run by 'distance', short hill repeats are run according to time.  So, for a start......

Today :
8 x 30 seconds at about 95% effort
Jog down.  Wait 4-5 mins.

I don't think the hill I used was steep enough.  The one at Parkrun would be ideal....maybe next time!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Track ~~~~~

Before I even look at my Garmin 620 for today's results, I just have to say it felt like the hardest session I've done in a long while.  I was completely knackered!

Today's Program  :

200m (1:20);  400m (2:41);  600m (4:04);  800m (5:27) /   800m;  600m;   400m;   200m 
200m - 400m RI between each rep.

Now, I'll take a look!  ~~~~~ 

For a warm-up I did 1 set of Magill drills + strides.

1:19 (TE 1.1= minor);  2:47 (TE 1.3= minor); 4:04 (TE 1.6=minor); 5:30 (TE 1.9= minor)

5:33 (TE 2.3=maintaining!);  4:09 (TE 2.3=maintaining); 2:38 (TE 1.5=minor); 1.15 (TE 1.1).

Did my best, but gosh!  It was really, really hard going for every repeat.  Left me breathless after each one!  Overcast and humid; another storm on the way.

Short cool-down + stretches and home! 

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Sunday Run ~~~~~

I'm not calling Sunday runs 'long' anymore because they're not long at all!  In fact, this week's tempo run was longer by a little more than 3km, so I'm calling them "Sunday Runs" from now on.

8km at LT pace

I didn't bother about pace or time today, but concentrated on running all hills strongly and Diamond Fields Road has a few good ones!  Rain has made a mess of parts of the road where rocks and stones are poking out all over the place; to be avoided at all costs!

8km in 70 minutes...Diamond Fields Road.

I enjoyed this easy run and worked hard on the hills and long inclines.  I hope I'm not getting too confident but I think I'm getting fitter over the past couple of weeks.  The only reason I have for this assumption is :  I'm no longer feeling tired* or exhausted after any of my training sessions, including Parkrun!  A few weeks ago, I used come home from everything feeling like I was about to die and good for nothing for the rest of the day!  Hasn't happened at all in the past week.  Hope springs eternal......!!

*well, a bit tired!

Saturday, December 06, 2014


A BIG PB FOR ME THIS MORNING!  49 Seconds! Previous PB 36:16  (If  my maths are wrong, Ewen will tell me!)

I'm so happy with this morning's Parkrun I'm going to put in every statistic from the Garmin goes:

Official Time : 35:27 ~~~  Age Graded Score  ...87.02%

7:03;     6:57;     6:59;     6:56;     7:33

Avg. Pace :  7:07 (VP set at 7:15m/k & I kept a close eye on him all the way!)
 AHR 92%;  MHR 102%

TE 4 = Highly Improving! (If I get to 5 it's 'Overreaching'!)


Avg. Cadence  171spm
Max. Cadence  180spm

Avg. Vertical Oscillation ... 6.0cm 

Avg. Ground Contact Time ...  291ms

Avg. Stride Length ...0.82m

Recovery Adviser : 26 hours

VO2 Max 37

Race Predictor : 5k 27:50;     10k 57:47;  Half 2:08:07;    Marathon 4:24:28 ....I don't think Mr G-armin takes my age into consideration!!

I think that's everything! Except to say again ...... I'm so happy with my run! I'd hoped to just go under my previous PB of 36:16 and would have been pleased to do so, but 49 seconds was never in my wildest dreams!  I didn't walk...not even once, and I ran the hill at the finish till I thought my lungs would burst!

Bowral Parkrun #11....PB!


Thursday, December 04, 2014

Tempo Run ~~~~~

PHEW!   It was hot and it was humid when I finished today somewhere around mid-day and it's taken all day to recover!  Actually, Garmin 620 tells me I need 23 hours to recover and I'm thinking it might be right!

Tempo Run :  11.5km ~~~
1.5km warm-up
3.5km at ST pace (7:35m/k for 5km time of 37min)
1.5km easy
3.5km at ST pace
1.5km easy.

1st 3.5km in 26:34.  7:35m/k.  TE 3.1 'Improving'!

2nd 3km in 25:59.  7:59m/k.   TE 3.5 Still 'Improving'!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Track ~~~~~

Got to Chevalier College at 11:00a.m and it was very hot and very, very humid after last night's heavy storms.

1600m at Chev track

I had to do :
10-20 min warm-up........incl 4 drills & strides
2 x 1600m in 11:39
1 x 800m in 5:41
...based on 37min 5km time
10 min cool-down.

2 x 1600m :  11:02;  11:10
1 x 800m 5:35

A few stretches to finish with...too hot and exhausted for anything more!