Saturday, December 06, 2014


A BIG PB FOR ME THIS MORNING!  49 Seconds! Previous PB 36:16  (If  my maths are wrong, Ewen will tell me!)

I'm so happy with this morning's Parkrun I'm going to put in every statistic from the Garmin goes:

Official Time : 35:27 ~~~  Age Graded Score  ...87.02%

7:03;     6:57;     6:59;     6:56;     7:33

Avg. Pace :  7:07 (VP set at 7:15m/k & I kept a close eye on him all the way!)
 AHR 92%;  MHR 102%

TE 4 = Highly Improving! (If I get to 5 it's 'Overreaching'!)


Avg. Cadence  171spm
Max. Cadence  180spm

Avg. Vertical Oscillation ... 6.0cm 

Avg. Ground Contact Time ...  291ms

Avg. Stride Length ...0.82m

Recovery Adviser : 26 hours

VO2 Max 37

Race Predictor : 5k 27:50;     10k 57:47;  Half 2:08:07;    Marathon 4:24:28 ....I don't think Mr G-armin takes my age into consideration!!

I think that's everything! Except to say again ...... I'm so happy with my run! I'd hoped to just go under my previous PB of 36:16 and would have been pleased to do so, but 49 seconds was never in my wildest dreams!  I didn't walk...not even once, and I ran the hill at the finish till I thought my lungs would burst!

Bowral Parkrun #11....PB!


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