Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Track in the Soccer Field ~~~~~

With storms forecast,  I made a decision not to go to Chev track.  Instead, I used the soccer field at the Highlands School where there would be shelter if needed and also close to home if the forecast was correct.  Much later, now at 1:30 pm the storm isn't too far away judging by the dark grey skies.

I knew the session was going to be a disaster; my legs refuse to work hard two days in a row but it was the only way of getting the three important sessions done this week.

Distance/Time I should have done :
1600m (11:00);    1200m (8:09);    800m (5:22);    400m (2:39)

However, my times were :
11:43;    9:02;    6:08;    3:06

Say no more!  No excuses but the soccer field was very rough, the grass uncut and wet!

Took these pics yesterday from Parkrun course ; forgot to add them!
Lucky cows cooling off!

Cow with 2 alpacas!

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