Sunday, December 07, 2014

Sunday Run ~~~~~

I'm not calling Sunday runs 'long' anymore because they're not long at all!  In fact, this week's tempo run was longer by a little more than 3km, so I'm calling them "Sunday Runs" from now on.

8km at LT pace

I didn't bother about pace or time today, but concentrated on running all hills strongly and Diamond Fields Road has a few good ones!  Rain has made a mess of parts of the road where rocks and stones are poking out all over the place; to be avoided at all costs!

8km in 70 minutes...Diamond Fields Road.

I enjoyed this easy run and worked hard on the hills and long inclines.  I hope I'm not getting too confident but I think I'm getting fitter over the past couple of weeks.  The only reason I have for this assumption is :  I'm no longer feeling tired* or exhausted after any of my training sessions, including Parkrun!  A few weeks ago, I used come home from everything feeling like I was about to die and good for nothing for the rest of the day!  Hasn't happened at all in the past week.  Hope springs eternal......!!

*well, a bit tired!

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