Saturday, December 20, 2014


No PB today!  Yet, I felt like I was running better than last week...not so!

5km in 35:21  (22sec slower than last Sat.)

7:20;   7:02;   6:54;  6:54;   7:09 
Avg. Pace :  7:06m
AHR 84%;  MHR 94%.


Avg. spm = 170
Max. spm = 235
Avg. Vert. Osc. = 6.6cm
Avg. Ground Contact time = 292ms
Avg. Stride Length 0.83

TE 3.6 = Improving!

A few Santas and reindeer running today!  Weather, good but a little humid.  A lane had been mowed through the paddock since I was there on Thursday, so no one got lost.  Heard, though, that a few runners in previous weeks have NOT been going as far as the turnaround!!  Can't believe it!  Why would you bother running/walking at all if it wasn't to test yourself over the full 5km?  I was shocked to hear it announced a few weeks back.


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