Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tempo Run on Bowral PARKRUN course ~~~~~ with photo stops!

Part of that final hill!

In the last photo above, the hay, which was 'as high as an elephant's eye' has been cut and our pathway through to the cycle track has disappeared!  On the run back today I didn't know where the turn-off was to start the hill climb.  I consequently took the wrong clearance and ran up a middle section whereas I think the correct lane is the dark green patch on the bottom right of the photo!   The hill also goes well beyond what can be seen at the top of the pic. It turns left and just keeps on keeping on! I wonder what difference this change will make on Saturday.  Probably no one else knows yet!

Today's Tempo Run :

1.5km warm-up
5km @ ST pace (7:29m/k)
1.5km cool-down

I was very slow today and the soles of my feet are sore from running on concrete!  I think it's the worst surface...for me anyhow;  my feet are still sore several hours later, but I went to the Parkrun course specifically to face that final hill again!

Time for 5km : 39 minutes....with stops.

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