Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Track with Leah ~~~~~

We met at Chev College, 10:00am, for today's track session. With Leah on holidays, we're able to meet up for our runs for the next couple of weeks and I always enjoy the company.  Because she hasn't been doing much running of late, Leah wanted to run at my pace which was fine with me and so much better than me having to run at her pace!

10 min warm-up & few strides
6 x 400m (should have been 10, but...!) in 2:39 based on my 35min 5km time
400m RI walk/jog

2:36;    2:34;    2:30;    2:33;    2:34;    2:07

Fairly strong wind blowing across the oval.  Otherwise, a pleasant morning and not too hot.  We'll meet again for a tempo run on Thursday, to start the New Year off well.  Tomorrow, I might do a few hill repeats somewhere to finish off the year 2014!   Where did it go??!!  So fast!

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