Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Track ~~~~~

Before I even look at my Garmin 620 for today's results, I just have to say it felt like the hardest session I've done in a long while.  I was completely knackered!

Today's Program  :

200m (1:20);  400m (2:41);  600m (4:04);  800m (5:27) /   800m;  600m;   400m;   200m 
200m - 400m RI between each rep.

Now, I'll take a look!  ~~~~~ 

For a warm-up I did 1 set of Magill drills + strides.

1:19 (TE 1.1= minor);  2:47 (TE 1.3= minor); 4:04 (TE 1.6=minor); 5:30 (TE 1.9= minor)

5:33 (TE 2.3=maintaining!);  4:09 (TE 2.3=maintaining); 2:38 (TE 1.5=minor); 1.15 (TE 1.1).

Did my best, but gosh!  It was really, really hard going for every repeat.  Left me breathless after each one!  Overcast and humid; another storm on the way.

Short cool-down + stretches and home! 

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