Thursday, December 04, 2014

Tempo Run ~~~~~

PHEW!   It was hot and it was humid when I finished today somewhere around mid-day and it's taken all day to recover!  Actually, Garmin 620 tells me I need 23 hours to recover and I'm thinking it might be right!

Tempo Run :  11.5km ~~~
1.5km warm-up
3.5km at ST pace (7:35m/k for 5km time of 37min)
1.5km easy
3.5km at ST pace
1.5km easy.

1st 3.5km in 26:34.  7:35m/k.  TE 3.1 'Improving'!

2nd 3km in 25:59.  7:59m/k.   TE 3.5 Still 'Improving'!!

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