Sunday, December 28, 2014

Three Days Off! ~~~~

...and back this morning!  The break was just long enough to enjoy Christmas and see some friends.  This morning Leah joined me for my 'longer' weekly run and it was great to have someone to chat to along the way.  We met at "The Briars Inn" and ran the Parkrun course, 5km out and 5km back.  The 500m grass downhill at the start was absolutely waterlogged and no other way down except to slosh through the water; yesterday's Parkrun, which I missed, must have been fun!

On the return, Leah was charged with seeing that, despite ankle deep water, I didn't stop on the 500m uphill to the finish.  She did her job well and I didn't stop once!  I think I'm starting to find it a little easier too...which is a nice feeling!

For today : an easy 10km jog/walk/talk!

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