Thursday, September 29, 2016

Tempo Run ~~~~~

Terrible conditions on the Bowral Parkrun course this morning!  Light rain but a ferocious wind like no other!  Did what I could given the sort of weather.

1.5km @ ST (6:55m/k based on 35min 5km time)
1.5k easy
1.5k @ ST
1.5k easy
1,5k @ ST
1.5k easy

Start from Briars ... After the muddy 1st course C turnaround ... cycle path to Oxley end ... back  along cycle path and up muddy hill to Briars!  Needless to say VP was way ahead for all 3x1.5k.  Completely exhausted after this one!

 3  x 1.5km  ~~~~~  7:33m/k;   7:35m/k;   7:57m/k

Total 8.67km

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Road Intervals ~~~~~

Until Chev track recovers from the rain, I'll be using the road for Tuesday's training session.

10-20 min warm-up

1600m, 1200m,  800m,  400m (Expected paces :11:39;  8:38; 5:41;  2:49... based on a 37min 5km time...for now!).

400m RI

2km warm-up

11:14;  7:50;  5:27;  2:30 ... finished each rep ahead of VP!!

1km cool-down

Scarlett Street was a bit of a wind tunnel today but as long as I can stay ahead of VP I'm happy!

Bowral Parkrun 2nd Birthday (with cake!) 24/9/16

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Road Intervals ~~~~~ 1000m

Yesterday, Monday, I was tired after the 9kBridge Run on Sunday and I wasn't holding out much hope getting back with a track on road session this morning.  Surprisingly, I felt really good and was ahead of VP for all the repeats!

2km warm-up ... walked 1km, jogged 1km.

4 x 1000m @ 6:57m/k .... I did 3 that I was happy with and left it at that!

6:36;      7:00;      6:44
400m RI

1km cool down walking. 
Plenty of water in paddocks

1km stretch of road

1km road repeats here.

I didn't expect to run as well as I did and feel good at the same time!  Maybe I need a 'Bridge Run' more often to get the sparks flying!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Sydney Running Festival ~~~~~

9km Bridge Run:

TE 3.0 ~~ Improving!

7:12;  7:06:  6:50;  7:46;  7:11;  7:21;  7:31;  8:00;  6:15

Had a good run; 2 minutes faster than same event last year!  Age category W80+ : 1st place!!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Easy Run ~~~~

Over to Bowral Parkrun course as usual on Thursdays where the vilest wind imaginable was blowing!An easy 5km before Blackmores 9km Bridge run on Sunday, leaving Saturday for Sydney's Amora Hotel, Jamison Street.

5km in 37:47
AHR 77-86% of Max.
TE  2.0 ..  Maintaining.

Bridge Run, here I come again!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Chev Track ~~~~

Chev paddock is more correct .. no lanes and damp clumps of grass!  I kept to the fence inside the oval and did the best I could.

10-20 min warm-up

5 x 400m in 2:44 (6:50m/k)
400m RI

2:52;    2:38;    2:29;    2:32;    2:36

One more run on Thursday before Blackmores 5km Bridge Run, Sunday.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

A Slow Tempo Run ~~~~~

Parkrun course this morning; cycle path clear of water; grass hill some muddy sections.

Had a horrible run!  Felt a bit sick on the tummy!

Bowral Parkrun 'C' Course

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Just Drills ~~~~

In the school soccer field:

1 Set Pete Magill drills with alternating strides.
Backwards running between each drill to start!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Track that didn't happen! ~~~~~~

Just kept running out of breath and having to stop this morning.  Too much birthday party last night!

Should have run:
5x800m ..... started one but couldn't keep running without having to stop to get breath.

3 x 400m ....  got through that but took stops when out of breath!

Short cool-down jog & home!

Probably would have been of more use to have just gone for an easy run!  Who knows?  I have a rest day tomorrow, but might do a set of Magill drills after leaving school at 10:30am.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Bowral Parkrun ~~~~~

#64 for me and one of my slowest!  Conditions here, as just about everywhere this weekend, pretty dreadful.  It was so windy, so wet and so muddy from start to finish! 

5km in 38:13!!
Age grade  83.99%!    

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Another Easy Distance Run ~~~~~

Much the same as yesterday.  Bowral Parkrun course.  Big difference in my legs today as opposed to Tuesday surprisingly!  Meaning they had little or no energy this morning!  Lots of walk breaks as a result, but picked up the pace for about the last 10 minutes.  Beautiful warm start to Spring!

50-75 min easy running

I did 40 minutes!