Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Road Intervals ~~~~~ 1000m

Yesterday, Monday, I was tired after the 9kBridge Run on Sunday and I wasn't holding out much hope getting back with a track on road session this morning.  Surprisingly, I felt really good and was ahead of VP for all the repeats!

2km warm-up ... walked 1km, jogged 1km.

4 x 1000m @ 6:57m/k .... I did 3 that I was happy with and left it at that!

6:36;      7:00;      6:44
400m RI

1km cool down walking. 
Plenty of water in paddocks

1km stretch of road

1km road repeats here.

I didn't expect to run as well as I did and feel good at the same time!  Maybe I need a 'Bridge Run' more often to get the sparks flying!

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