Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On the Track.....

At Chevalier College:

Program: 10 - 20 min warm-up
5 x 1km @ 6:04 m/k
10 min cool-down.

1km warm-up + drills & strides

5x1k  =  
5:56.  AHR 128 (81%)  MHR 136 (86%)
5:57.  AHR 130 (82%)  MHR 136 (86%)
5:56.  AHR 128 (81%)  MHR 136 (86%)
5:58.  AHR 128 (81%)  MHR 143 (90%)
5:48.  AHR 131 (82%)  MHR 143 (90%)

1km cool-down + stretches

This wasn't too difficult a session at all!  Could have run faster but kept close to program pace (6:04) based on last year's 5k time of 31:38.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Late Edition!

Well, I did my long run after all!  Jim went in for a nap and there was my chance for a getaway at 2:45pm.  I don't think I've ever run so late in the day but ever so glad I did - it was a brilliant afternoon: very cool, overcast with mist drifting in over the ranges.  Not a soul to be seen on Diamond Fields Road; just me, cows and horses in the paddocks and the wonderful perfume of the bush and trees.  I was almost converted to afternoon running but I think I'd let too much other business get in the way if I were to change.  For this afternoon, though, it was perfect!

 15km @ 7:23 m/k

15km @ avg. 7:23 m/k!  Right on the dot!
Best pace 5:18
AHR 122 (77%);  MHR 145 (91%)

5km laps = 36:41;  37:34;  36:52

After all the fuss and bother about running or not running today, I felt really good for the whole 15k and for the first time ever I had the pace right on target!  Diamond Fields Road is hilly, has some flat, long inclines and a few fast downhills - all the ingredients for a great run!  I took some pics but it was a little too overcast for good photos. 

The Long Run....

....that didn't happen today!  Will do tomorrow, Monday, I hope.  Beginning to not look forward to the Canberra half marathonIt will be one hell of a struggle! 

Friday, March 25, 2011

At the Track

With change of plans this week, today was a session at Chev track.  The grass had been cut on the one lane that is always kept as a guide for the others and the ground was dry;  I was able to run without shoes...always enjoy this!

Program :

10-20 min warm-up
1 x 800m in 4:50
2 x 600m in 3:36
3 x 400m in 2:23
4 x 200m in 1:02
10 min cool-down

Results are:

12 min warm-up and drills

1 x 800m
in 4:45 (5:59m/k).  AHR 121 (76%)  MHR 132 (83%).

2 x 600m :
(1) in 3:30 (5:44m/k)  AHR 122 (77%)  MHR 135 (85%)
(2) in 3:29 (5:44m/k)  AHR 123 (77%)  MHR 136 (86%)

3 x 400m : 
(1) in 2:18 (5:46m/k); AHR 124 (77%)  MHR 137 (86%)
(2) in 2:17 (5:44 m/k) AHR 123 (77%)  MHR 137 (86%)
(3) in 2:16 (5:40 m/k) AHR 124 (78%)  MHR 138 (87%)

4 x 200m 
(1) in 1:06 (4:58 m/k)  AHR 116 (73%)  MHR 133 (84%)
(2) in 1:05 ( 4:59 m/k) AHR 118 (74%)  MHR 135 (85%)
(3) in 1:05 (4:57 m/k)  AHR 117 (74%)  MHR 134 (84%)
(4) in 1:04 (4:55 m/k)  AHR 118 (74%)  MHR 135 (85%) 

10 min cool-down and stretching.

Total 7km

I very much enjoyed the variety in this track session and didn't find it difficult at all!  WOW, a good day!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Henley Brae Pool & Gym:

Today I took a few snaps of the pool where I do deep water running:

10 min warm-up & drills ( no one to see just how hilarious this looks!)
2 x 10 min steady running (with foam handweights)
5 min cool-down. 

Total 35 min.

Mixing It Up....

Training sessions changed a bit this week.  Because of the heave rains lately I didn't go to Chev on Wednesday, but instead I did a sort of Time Trial.  "Sort of" because I ran on Diamond Fields Road which is hilly and so I didn't quite keep to the program's pace:

8km Time Trial @ 6:38 min/km

Diamond Fields Road:
4km out in 30:12
Avg. pace 7:32
AHR 110 (69%) MHR 128 ( 81%
Laps 7:55;  7:30;  7:04;  7:37

4km return in 29:02
Avg pace 7:15
AHR 124 (78%); MHR 137 (86%)
Laps  6:44; 7:14;  6:56;  8:04 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pool Running

Henley Brae Pool:

5 min warm-up
3 x 10 min steady running (1 min recovery)
5 min cool-down.

Total 42 min.

First day of doing anything since last Friday's TT and missed out on the long run on Sunday.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Harmony......A TT in 5 parts!

Program :
1.5k easy (7:28 m/k)
3.5km @ MT pace (6:38 m/k)
1.5km easy 
3.5k @ MT
1.5km easy.

I ran on the grass in Iron Mines Oval for today's Time Trial in 5 parts.  Very overcast and a bit too windy.

1.5k in 11:25;  Avg. pace =7:25 m/k;  AHR 111 (70%); MHT 123 (77%)
3.5k in 23:41;  Avg. pace = 6:46 m/k; AHR 124 (78%); MHR 136 (86%) 
1.5k in 11:03;  Avg. pace = 7:21 m/k; AHR 121 (76%); MHR 127 (80%)
3.5k in 23:29:  Avg. pace = 6:39 m/k; AHR 129 (81%); MHR 142 (89%)
1.5k in 11:13;  Avg. pace = 7:28 m/k; AHR 124 (78%); MHR 134 (84%)

The 3.5 km parts made for some hard breathing but, on the whole, I was pleased with this Time Trial.   Harmony!

Total 11.5km 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Before I Get Too Old to Dream!

....I'd better write up my last run and then forget it!

It was Sunday's long run and I found it a real stinker!  Not the weather; that was OK though a bit warm by the time I finished; not even the distance should have been a problem, but it became a significant one for the last 8km of a total of 24km.  At 16km I could have finished happily but by that time I was back at the school where I started, and there were still 8kms to go.

I hadn't intended to be there until I'd finished the whole 24km, but I had this terrible burning in the ball of my right foot- I get this often in long runs -  and had to remove my shoe to ease the pain, so I decided to finish 8km bare foot on the grass.  The grass was sheer magic but my body wouldn't co-operate; why I found this 8km sheer hell, I don't know! Why I thought I would collapse, I don't know.  Why I had to go to bed for several hours, I do know....ageing might be why!  Why I found 24km so difficult, I don't know!  It's not that far considering the distances I ran last year for Blackmores Marathon in Sydney.

Fortunately no one was around to hear the gasping for breath  -  I need one of those things Ewen has started using!  -  the moaning and groaning that accompanied me around and around and around and around that damned field for 8kms!  Even 8kms isn't that far, so why it all fell apart, I don't know.  I was just plain bloody exhausted!

Anyhow.....I feel fine today and had a rest from all running.

Here's Sunday's Run:
Program :
24km @ 7:30 min/km

Results:  24km
Time = 3 hr 8 min!
Avg pace = 7:51 min/km
AHR 114 (72%);  MHR 130 (82%)  (I have a new HR strap and transmitter that works!)
5km laps = 39:52;  37:17;  39:14; 38:32 & 4k in 33:27 

Oh well, just one of those things I hope!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Too Far! Too tired!

That's how I feel after today's long run. I spent the afternoon asleep and wrung out!

I'll write it up tomorrow and go and watch Agatha Christie's "Miss Marple" instead.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Time Trial

The replacement  heart rate monitor strap and transmitter came in this morning's mail from HTA Melbourne so I was able to use it for today's time trial.


8km run @ MT pace (i.e.6:38 min/km)

I ran along Old South Road, starting late at around 12:15pm, 4km out & 4k back.  Fairly flat but some long inclines made for harder running on the return 4km. 

Very overcast day and humid;  maybe a storm approaching.  Here are the results:

4km out in 26:28
Laps = 7:07; 6:32;  6:26;  6:17
AHR 74%;  MHR 83%
Avg. Pace 6:35 min/km

4km return in 28:16
Laps = 6:29;  7:06;  7:30;  7:08
AHR 79%;  MHR 86%
Avg Pace 7:03 min/km

2km Recovery walk

Total = 10km

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A Good Day at the Track

Chevalier College track :


10-20 min warm-up
10 x 400m in 2:23 (5:57 min/km)
400m RI
!0 min cool-down

I was at Chev by 9:15 this morning so as to avoid clashing with any of the students coming down as they did last Wednesday.  No one came so I had the oval to myself as usual.  Ran in bare feet.

15 min warm-up + drills & strides.
10x400m =  2:21 (5:51m/k);  2:21 (6:00m/k),   2:27 (6:05m/k);  2:21 (6:02m/k);  2:26 (6:02m/k);  2:23 (5:57m/k);  2:19 (5:53m/k);  2:17 (5:44m/k);  2:20 (5:51m/k);  2:17 (5:49m/k).

400m Jog RI

!0 min cool-down + stretches.

I didn't find this session at all hard and could have run faster, but kept to the program!

Total = 7km


Sunday, March 06, 2011

I Nearly Didn't Make It!

Long Run  :  I set the alarm for 7am and said, "I'm not getting up!"  I reset the alarm for 8:00am and said, "I'm not getting up!"  I reset the alarm for 9am and said, "If I don't get up now, I'm going to regret it by tonight!"  I got up!  Cup of tea while changing into running gear and out the door, at the school, ready to start by 9:30am.

  I did the first 6km up and down Radio Road, in and around the school grounds to wake myself up before attacking Old South and Range Road hills for the second Sunday long run.
I was more than a little surprised that I didn't have to walk any of the 4km hill as I did last Sunday. Admittedly, it wasn't what you'd call running but neither was it walking; more like fast crawling!  I wore my fuel belt this week with two flasks of water and could have done with a third one.  Cool though the day was, I still worked up a  thirst.

All was going well, below the program pace, but the course slowed me down, until 'racing' as fast as I could down Old South Road with about 1km to go, I did a 'CJ' on the gravel road!  A really good one too : I fell on my hands, knees, left side of my face, my lip and chin, all of which now have an ugly red graze!  I limped the last 1k back to the school where I washed the bleeding bits and drove home to administer antiseptic and look for sympathy...which I got of course.  I looked like I'd been in brawl!  Mr LL was ready to confine me to the house for at least the next week or two;  not possible I told him; only a few scratches!  Anyhow, I'll just have to apply lots of makeup before leaving the house tomorrow  -  or wear a heavy veil over my face!  - as we're going to Gosford to spend the day with friends.

This is how I landed!

Now to the serious business of the day:

Program said:
22.5km @ 7:30 min/km

I did :
22.5km @ avg. 7:50 min/km  (tough course, falling over & walking back didn't help!)
5km splits = 38:33;  43:06 (up, up and up the hill);  38:34;  37:48 and 2.5k in 17:50
No HR strap;  it's gone back to HTA in Melbourne for replacement erratic, high numbers for several weeks.

And so I've come to the end of another long run! 

Friday, March 04, 2011

The Photos Were OK!

I wish I could say the same for the Time Trial!   I just didn't have the energy I needed this morning so it was a true trial!  I decided on Iron Mines Oval so as to use two soccer fields for extra distance.  I find running in circles to be not all that exciting!  As well as running on the grassed areas I also ran on the roads/tracks that surround the ovals; I even ran up and down the steps and the grassed hills for a bit of a wake-up call!


2 km warm-up
6km @ 6:38 min/km
2km cool-down

I did:

2 km warm-up + few drills
6km @ avg pace 7:25 min/km!!!!!
Skipped the cool-down
Did a few stretches
Drove home in disgust!

Total = 8km

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Cross-training, Session 2

In the pool of course!

5 min warm-up
3 x 10 min hard running
1 min easy recoveries
5 min cool-down

...and that's it for me for today!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

At the Pool

I took yesterday as a rest day and so today it was back to the pool for some more water running......

5 min warm-up
3 x 10 min steady running
1 min easy recovery btw.
5 min cool-down