Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tempo Run ~~~~

Weather awful!  Windy and showery.  I decided last night that I'd do today's run on Bowral Parkrun course for two reasons mainly : one was to get over the hurdle of passing the halfway point of Parkrun's 5km and the other was to tackle that final hill again! In spite of the bad weather I set off and ran the course in terrible wind and the occasional heavy shower.

It wasn't until today that I realised there was a wide creek to the left of the course and follows it all the way.  Amazed that I'd never seen it before today! On past the turnaround point, the cycle way winds up and down through what would be Moss Vale and Burradoo areas; all green fields after the rain.  The creek at some stage is replaced by the railway line that comes from Sydney and goes through to Moss Vale and then on to Goulburn.  Not a person or bike rider to be seen when I turned around just after Oxley College and no one on the way back either.  No wonder, with a most unpleasant headwind all the way back to the start.  The last 1.5km was a cool-down but when I came to the soaked grass hill I took a deep breath and ran as fast as I could up to the finish! I have a hope that the more often I run this hill, the easier it'll get!

6.5km on Parkrun course.

Enjoyed the run, despite the weather; my only disappointment was seeing that VP had finished ahead of me by just over a minute!

Tempo Run:

1.5km warm-up
6.5km @ MT pace (7:23m/k based on 35.30 for 5km)
1.5km cool-down.

Time : 48:16
7:33m/k Avg.
AHR 82%;  MHR 89%
7:24;  7:44;  7:46;  7:21;  7:49;  7:31;  (3:35)

TE  3.3 =  Improving!  Really?

9.5km for the day.

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