Monday, December 22, 2014

Longer Run ~~~~ Apology to Wingecarribee River!

A few posts back I mentioned seeing a 'creek' running alongside the parkrun course in Bowral. It is none other than the Wingecarribee River and an apology to the river is noted here!

For today's longer run ...a day late... picnic at Fitzroy Falls yesterday with friends, lovely! was hot and humid today and I had a raging thirst!  I turned back on the Parkrun course at the entrance to Oxley College where I found a hose connected to a tap and where I was able to refill the tank!  I ran the downhill start fast and then jogged/walked the rest of the run.  I was so tired today; track tomorrow.....Xmas and having to change days mucks up my running!

Today  :  11.2km

After the downhill start I turned left instead of the usual right turn onto the course.  It only goes another 500m and ends, so the full course would be 5km.  I forced myself to run 'that hill' each timed I passed it which was 2.5 times!

 .... along the course :

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