Thursday, October 27, 2016

Catching Up~~~

Missed Bowral parkrun last Saturday.

Tuesday: track session on cycle path
5 x 1000m in 6:57 :  7:12;   7:36;  7:34;  7:14;  5th rep 1.32km + uphill in 8:18
VP won that session!

Thursday :Tempo Run on cycle path
3km @ ST pace
1.5k easy
1.5k @ ST pace ..... skipped this; short of time.
1.5k easy, skipped this too.
3km @ ST pace

VP had no trouble staying ahead of me this morning!

3km in 22:55
AHR77-84% of max.
TE 2.0 ~~ Maintaining!

2.26k in 18:30
AHR 82-86% of max.
TE  2.2 ~~ Maintaining!

Saturday's parkrun is next!


  1. Bloody VP! "Maintaining" is good. Just a thought - have you adjusted your maximum heart rate down at all on the garmin? Go off what the maximum has been during some of your Parkruns + 2 or 3 beats. TE will be affected if you have the maximum set incorrectly.

  2. Thanks for that, Ewen! Never thought to check on that...dope!