Saturday, October 15, 2016

Bowral Parkun ~~~~

Oh what a beautiful morning!  The weather was perfect and.... I ran below 37 minutes! I was so excited when I saw the time of my Garmin and I've stayed excited all bloomin' day!!  Long way, I know, from PB of 33:34 but I've been stuck on 37+ for so long now I'd almost given up hope of running any faster.  I felt so good while running, the weather was absolutely perfect.. sunny with a cool breeze.

Today we returned too our 'A' Course for the first time in weeks, it now being dry all the way through.  Strange thing about this original course:  I always run well (or better!) there!  All my PBs have been on this course, never on the flat 'B' course.  This morning, I felt great from start to finish, no gagging, no stopping or slowing down, same cadence all the way and not tired afterwards for the rest of the day as has been the case for some weeks.  I know my time is slow compared to the other runners, but I couldn't care less ..... I finished under 37 minutes and I'm over the moon!!

5km in 37:40

Avg. pace 7:21k/m;  Best pace 6:34m/k

Age Graded 91.50% ...... back in the 90s ... thrilled with that too!

Avg. Cadence 170spm 

TE   2.7 = Maintaining

Splits   7:08;    7:16;    7:20;    7:15;    7:37