Sunday, June 18, 2017

Long Run/Walk on a cold, bleak winter's morning! ~~~~~

Forgot to write up Thursday's Tempo Run....
1.5k warm-up
8km @ MT pace (1hr 6mins)
2km cool-down

Total 11.5km

Now for the weekend......

Saturday:  Parkrun
39:30 ... 19 seconds better than previous Saturday!

Sunday Long Run/Walk 30/30 seconds and what a cold, miserable morning it was too!

From school to DF Road to school.....
12km in 1 hour 55 minutes
AHR 100 bpm (74% of max.)
TE  1.3 ... WHAT?!  I worked so hard!!

I enjoyed most of this morning's long run/walk, except for there being no sunshine and a cold wind; all bleak winter.  Kept 30/30 uphill, downhill and on the flat except for a 2 minute downhill which I ran, enjoying gravity do all the work and that made up for the struggle on the way out on the same hill.  I felt really, really tired during the last 2km and struggled big time to get up the last long incline and back to the school to finish.

I finished with my usual stretching routine on the grass before driving home.  That's Week 6 of 10k training program finished.

This Week : 43.4km
Total for 6 weeks 175.9km

12km run/walk


  1. You're going well. Today here was about as good as it gets in late June - sunny, about 15C and calm. Beautiful!