Sunday, June 04, 2017

Saturday and Sunday ~~~~~

Saturday was Bowral Parkrun on the coldest morning I can remember!  Well, it felt like the coldest at 3 degrees F!  I just can't run when it's that cold! I can't breathe and I can't get into any sort of rhythm.  In other words, I struggled and it was a painful and slow 5km!  All was not in vain however as I  managed to sneak in just under 40 minutes.  Under 40 minutes is OK for future weeks while most of my energy is going into 10km training for the Sydney Harbour 10km run next month.

5km 39:52
84.09% Age Graded

TE  2.7  Maintaining!

Sunday:  14km Long Run:


Sunday's Long Run:  Diamond Fields Road : 7k out, 7km return
14km in 2hrs 40min.
AHR 76%-93% of max.
Avg. Pace 9:24m/k

TE  1.5  MINOR!  What?  After all those harrowing hills and the last couple of excruciating kilometres!

I had half a banana before leaving home and took the other half with me for a possibly life-saving snack at half way.  It didn't seem to do much good but who knows?  Maybe those last few kilometres would have been far worse without the snack!  For sure,  stretching, hot shower and a wholesome meal at home helped get bones and muscles back to normal!

The 7km turnaround at the end of Diamond Fields Road.

Week 4  of 10k progam:   38.5km
Week 1 - 4 of program :  100.5km

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