Sunday, June 11, 2017

Saturday and Sunday ~~~~~

Bowral Parkrun ; Saturday

39:49 ....  84.26% Age Graded
With all the walking, it surprised me to go under 40 minutes!  Lower, flat section of grass below the hill was completely under water so ploughing through that, plus a couple of puddles on the cycle path, made it a fairly uncomfortable and wet run!

Sunday Long Run : Galloway Style!

2hrs 12 minutes: 
From school, Diamond Fields Road and back.  Much of the dirt road in bad condition from the rain.  Stones, ruts from the weather and wheels a trap for tired legs!

Run/Walk, 30/30 seconds .... up hill, down hill and on the flat!

I decided to use Galloway's run/walk method after seeing a reminder of it on Facebook, so thank you to whoever put it there!  Years ago I used this method of run/walk and decided to give it a try again to lessen tiredness during and after running longer distances on Sundays.  I think it works!  I wasn't any slower taking timed walk breaks today than I was doing the same distance two weeks ago.  Garmin 620 timed reminders set.

The last 2km were hard; all up hill so I tried a mind game of seeing how much I could pick up the pace for the 30 second run segment!  Thirty seconds never seemed so long and I was out of breath when it came time to walk again!  Anyhow, it got me to the finish of 14km and I'll use it for future long runs in my 10km program, up until June 9 Sydney Harbour 10km.

Week 5 of 10km program:    32km
Weeks 1 - 5                           132.5km


  1. To be running under 40 on a heavy course and in full training is good. I did a galloway longer run too last week. 2k run, 200m walk. Worked quite well and ran further than I thought I would if continuously running.

  2. Yes, I'll keep using run/walk for my long runs.