Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Track at Chevalier College ~~~~~

Chevalier College had marked lanes but half the oval, the shaded half, was muddy and wet and by the time I finished tramping through it looked like a pig sty!  I didn't run well at all;  I felt really lacking in energy and plodded along with more of a shuffle than a run!

Warm-up ...... I did about 10 mins.

1600m (12:36);  1200m (9:21);  800m (6:10);  400m (3:03)
400m RI

My times were: 13:27;  10:07;  6:40;  3:07

Stretches at home.

Garmin seems to drop out at Chev; very annoying!  Shade from trees?  I don't know but it happens nearly every time I run there!  When I finished what was 400m, it showed only 300m and I know it was 400m because the lanes are marked and it was correct in the previous repeats.  Anyhow, I had to start up, put a spurt on and run an extra 100m!  Not fair, Garmin!

Showing dropout and restart!


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