Thursday, June 01, 2017

Tempo Run ~~~~~~

A cold wind on our Bowral parkrun cycle path for the first day of Winter!  A banana before leaving home.  It was a really tough session for me this morning and became increasingly harder as time went by, lots of time went by, so much so that the last 3kms @ ST pace were anything but pleasant and I didn't have much left in the tank at all!  However, my 'lucky legs' just got me through to finish at the top of the grassy hill of our parkrun course where I flaked out on the grass in the sun to do some stretching.

MY program for today's tempo run:
1.5km warm-up
3.0km @ ST pace (VP set to run 7:55m/k based on a 39 min. finish for 5km)
1.5km easy jog/walk
1.5km @ ST pace
1.5km easy jog/walk
3.0 km @ ST pace
1.0 km cool-down

What I did:

1.5k warm-up down hill & along cycle path towards Moss Vale.

3.0km @ ST pace in 23:51;  7:56m/k;  AHR 109-127bpm, 80-90% of max.  TE 1.6

1.5k jog/walk

1.50km @ ST pace in  12:06, 8:0m/k;  AHR 114-121bpm, 84-89% of max.   TE 1.8

1.5k jog/walk

3:0km @ ST pace in 23:36, 7:52m/k;  AHR 110-122bpm, 81-90% of max.    TE  1.7

1.0k cool-down back up grassy hill to Briars.  Stretches.
Total 13km

Second and last 3km!
I wore my new NB Fresh Foam Zante V3 shoes and they still haven't got a dirty mark despite running on damp grass and a detour from the cycle path onto a gravel laneway!


  1. maybe the shoes have a Teflon covering?! that's a hard was frrresh here but without the brrreeze!

  2. That was a hard session! Well done on keeping the shoes pristine.

  3. Yes, it was, Ewen! Last 3km especially when I was really tired!