Thursday, June 08, 2017

Tempo Run ~~~ VP wins again!

I was really disappointed that I couldn't keep pace with VP for this run!  VP's pace was 7:55m/k while mine was an average of 8:33m/k! That says it all so onto the rest of the stats:  I started at Briars Inn, downhill to cycle path, finishing back at Briars.

Program: 1.5km warm-up .... down hill and left towards Moss Vale.
6.5km @ ST pace ... for me, 7:55m/k along cycle path towards Burradoo until reaching flooded pathway!
1.5km cool-down .... I skipped this!

6.6km in 56:25
Avg. Pace 8:33m/k
AHR 112-126bpm (82% to 93% of max.)

8:06;  8:06;  8:26;  8:15;  8:32;  8:48

I ran the last 1.5km up and down the grassy hill three times! 

I'm not one little bit happy with these results!  In fact, I'm downright very annoyed with myself and disappointed it was all such a hard slog!


 Views of flooding from the cycle path

I just rechecked the pace for this tempo run and it should have been LT (Long Tempo) pace, NOT ST (Short Tempo) pace which means I should have set VP to run 8:17m/k (based on 39mins for parkrun 5k) not 7:55m/k!!!!!

With that in mind, I didn't run as badly as I previously thought!  OH!  WHAT A RELIEF!  I was feeling quite downcast; now, marginally better!


  1. you are way too hard on yourself! I would not be flogging myself up and down that grassy hill :-)