Sunday, June 25, 2017

Saturday and Sunday ~~~

Bowral Parkrun 40:22
When I go over 40 minutes, the less said the better!  BUT ..... it was flippin' cold and windy!

Long run/Walk
30/30 secs.

1hr 55 mins.

It was a horrible morning weatherwise; an unwelcome cold wind made up for somewhat by a clear sky and plenty of sunshine....  though I didn't appreciate the latter until now at home, showered, fed and warm!

It was rough and tough the entire run and I walked the last 1km because I didn't have the energy or will to fight my way uphill against the wind!

This Week : 31.1km
Weeks 1 - 6 :  207km
2 more weeks till Sydney Harbour 10km!

Back at the school I did my usual stretching routine part of which involved lying on my back under a giant maple and, from that comfortable position, in the sun and away from the wind, I took a few pictures  -  and lay there for longer than needed just looking at the sky through the tree!


  1. It was difficult to get up from the ground with that view!!

  2. I think the long tempo run Thursday had a negative effect on your Parkrun. Only one day between that and Saturday morning. If you'd had 2 easy days between...? Anyway, a couple of easier days and you should absorb it well.

  3. Yes, I agree, definitely negative effect on parkrun. I turn up tired before I start, but my main concern is the 10k in Sydney 2 weeks time, so parkrun has to take second place.... for now!