Tuesday, June 27, 2017

At Chev. Track - a God-awful session!!

And that's putting it mildly!  God-awful, horrid and nightmarish is closer to the mark!  In every bloomin' 1600m repeat, I had to stop every 400m because I couldn't breathe, completely out of breath. It was the stuff nightmares are made of!

Chev. oval was in God-damn awful condition too - frost-covered, muddy, rough and grotty after weekend football being played on the oval - more like a paddock where there'd been a cattle stampede!  Surprisingly then, I stayed and got through what I had to do, but did it in abysmally slow times!

10-20 min warm-up .... I did 15 mins plus a couple of strides
3 x 1600m in 12:35min (7:52m/k).... time/pace based on 39min for 5k finish time.
400m RI
For Cool down and stretches .. I walked around the oval once and finished with stretches.

13:10    :  AHR  110-123bpm;  81-90% of max.  TE  1.6

12:48    :  AHR  111-126bpm;  82-93% of max.  TE  1.6

13:26    :  AHR  109-126bpm;  80-93% of max.   TE  1.5

Chev. Track

The last stretch I do has the inauspicious name of "leg drains", in which I lie on my back with legs propped up against the boundary fence at an angle of 90 degrees to the upper body.  This unflattering position is held for 3 minutes so that, I'm told, the 'bad' blood is drained from the legs towards the heart where it's replaced with a brand new batch of 'good' blood when I stand up again!  I like this stretch and never miss doing it.  As much as anything else it does, I do it because it gives me time to reflect on my run and, more importantly, to gaze at the clouds and look for make-believe images in their shapes!


  1. A++ for perseverance! Considering the condition of the track that session is like a weight training session...I reckon it's worth more than you think...

  2. Big thanks, allrounder! Weight training...I never thought of that!