Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Track at Chev ~~~~~

I was absolutely dog-tired yesterday, Monday!  So exhausted, I thought I was ill!  I wasn't ill, of course, but overwhelmingly tired after running on Saturday and then running long on Sunday.  Never felt so tired in my life!  However, here it is, Tuesday afternoon and I'm still alive to report on this morning's track training!

The program was: 
10-20 min warm-up  ... I did 20 minutes incl. a few drills and strides
10 x 400m ....  I did 6 repeats before calling it a day!
3:00 minutes each
90 secs RI 
10 min cool-down .. I did about 5 mins plus stretching.

My times were: 
3:01;  3:03;  3:00;  3:02;  2:57;  2:53

Lanes were still marked on the oval and so was the mud, probably not as bad as last Tuesday but messy and wet just the same.  Anyhow, I lived to do another day's training and got most of the session done, so I'm OK with that!

6 x 400m


  1. Good consistency there. You're running well.

  2. Thanks, Ewen! I was a little disappointed that I had to cut the session short, but I felt it no use dragging it out and getting slower.