Monday, May 07, 2007

Week 7 (of 8 ) to SMH Half Marathon

Tapering Off!!!!

Monday : 45 minutes run.......Done: 23 mins. out; 22 mins. back.

Tuesday : 90 Minutes run......Done, but very tired & to make matters worse...... I caught my leg in a blackberry bush!

Wednesday : 45 minutes run......Done! Didn't feel a bit like running this morning but happy I did...turned out to be the most enjoyable run of the week!

Thursday : Walk & strides......took the dogs for about 30 minutes walk + Pilates DVD (without the dogs!)

Friday : Track:....Done! 3km warm-up; drills, strides; 4x150m @42 seconds pace.

40.52; 42.22; 41.19; 38.99. An easy session!

Saturday : Rest.......Done! Took the dogs for a long walk.....a brilliant day.

Sunday : 75-85 minutes run. Speed up last 15 minutes. .........decided to make this 90 minutes - I hate uneven numbers! Out for 45 minutes; return in 44 minutes. It so happened that the last 15 minutes was all up bloody hills, but I pushed & pushed, didn't go very fast, but managed 1 minute negative split. Total time = 1:29.46!! 13.5km.
Now for the last week before SMH Half Marathon....can't wait!


  1. not long to go now LL! Hope to meet you at the start :)

  2. Sweetheart - i send you all the best for Sydney.

    Let me know when you are planning on being here & if you want to catch up for coffee we can arrange that also.

    Take care,

  3. Looking good for Sydney LL. You must be chafing at the bit.