Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Long Morning's Run Into Afternoon....

Program : 120 minutes run.

Total Running Time = 2 hours 28 minutes.

I had set out to do 2.5 hours on my feet...just to make sure I could still do it....and then to run the last 30 minutes at a faster pace. Little did I know that my legs would be horribly tired by 2 hours with still 30 minutes to go!

Range Road to Glenquarry plus 15 minutes down Macquarie Pass (& back up again!), then up that awful hill out of Glenquarry (walked that one!), passing a dead snake that wasn't there on the way out, but must have come out to sunbake & got squashed by a car!

I stopped for lots of photos, drinks from taps, looking around & giving directions to two different car drivers who had become lost. One lot took off & by mistake drove onto a "No Through" road before I could stop them. I knew they'd be back in about 10 minutes so I waited & signaled them in the right direction....they were very pleased to see me the second time!

Amazingly, but being a pedantic so-and-so (like Ewen whom I refer jokingly to as a 'pedantic bastard') though my legs felt dead ( & so did the rest of me), I made myself increase the pace for the last 30 minutes, which on those hills got the old heart rate up to 90% of Max. When my car came into sight where I'd parked along the side of a section on Range Road, I imagined it was the SMH Half & sprinted to the finish line at 5.5mpk pace!

Avg. Speed = 7.4; Max = 12.5

Avg. HR = 103 (66%); Max. HR = 140 (90%).

Running Distance = 18.5km

Running Time 2 hrs. 28 minutes. Total Time 2 hrs. 57 mins.

Start 10:00 a.m.
Finish 1:00 p.m. approx.

A shower, something to eat (no brekky), a short nap late afternoon & feel fine again! Taper starting this week.


  1. It's great to see that you've still got it in you to go long. Looking forward to catching up with at SMH Half.

  2. You have worked hard . Enjoy the taper.