Thursday, February 19, 2015

Missed the Whole Week ~~~~~

Never had a common cold like this one!  Nothing 'common' about it either; it was a very superior sort of cold!  Kept me in bed a couple of days and housebound the entire week, until this morning I just had to get out to see if my legs still knew what to do when asked!  To do this I drove across to Bowral Parkrun course where I hope to reappear on Saturday without falling in a heap!

I jogged/walked the 5km taking several breaks to use my puffer and ease my breathing which sounded like that of a rusty old steam train.   I hope not to make these noises on Saturday!  I was very slow, didn't look at the Garmin at all and, despite some early breaks, I didn't stop at all on the final climb.

Today:  5km in 37:20
Avg. pace 7:35 m/k
AHR 118 (74%);   MHR 141 (88%)

TE 2.5 ~~~ Maintaining.

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