Tuesday, March 03, 2015

After Almost 3 Weeks Off ~~~~~

....with a horrible cold/cough, I got myself out this morning and what a glorious morning to make a comeback: sunny, warm, slight breeze, a hint of autumn in the air and green leaves, that will soon change their colour to red, orange and gold, starting to fall from the trees.

I used the C to 5km app on my phone so as to keep some sort of rhythm going and also to take any guess work out of what I was to do....

C25km, Week 4, Day 1...about 30 minutes
Brisk 5min warm-up
Jog 3 min
Walk 90 sec
Jog 5 min
Walk 2.5 min
Jog 3 min
Walk 90 sec.
Jog 5min
Cool-down walk 5min.

AHR 92 (57%);  MHR 113 (71%)
Training Effect 1.5 =  Minor!!  

Fingers crossed I'll continue with Day 2 tomorrow and so on for approx the next 2 weeks until I'm fit enough to resume my 5km program.  So good to be out and about again!


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