Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bowral Parkrun #27 ~~~~~

Great to be back at Parkrun this morning after several weeks off and it was such a beautiful day to make a start! A very cold start but not long to warm up.  I ran very conservatively and didn't expect to do much better than the time (37:?) I did on the course last Saturday after volunteering.  I was very pleased then to see 34:44 on the Garmin 620 when I finished and that's  the official results time as well.

After looking at my time on the Garmin I accidentally discarded the entire run so I have no stats at all for this week!  Nevertheless, I'm OK with the time which wasn't that far off my PB of 33:43 for this course and therefore I'm encouraged to train well this coming week and chip away at 34:44 over the next few runs. Seems possible!

Today :
5km in 34:44
Age Graded Score 88.82%

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