Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Track at Chevalier College, Bowral ~~~~~

I used the 200m+ mowed lane which is still visible but won't be for much longer as the grounds man was preparing the oval for football.  I was supposed to do 5 repeats of 800m, but I just didn't have anything left after the 4th so I quit!  Weather : overcast but warm; light wind.

I did : 10 min warm-up jog + few drills and strides.

Program: 5 x 800m in 5:12... (hate 800's...so hard!)  I did 4.
400m Recovery Intervals ....walk.
Cool-down + some stretching

4 x 800m : 
5:05.3 (76-85%) TE...Minor!
5:09.4 (76-84%) TE...Minor
5:09.6 (78-84%) TE...Minor
5:18.3 (78-84%) TE...2.0  Maintaining!! 

Again...I hate 800m repeats!

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