Sunday, March 08, 2015

5km non-stop! ~~~~~

I drove across to "The Briars" at around 11:00am this morning to see if I could get through the 5km Bowral Parkrun course without a single stop.  I did!  Slowly, but surely, after several weeks off and only light jogging last week, I managed to get through the 5km course without a break, not even on the final hill.  It was quite hot with a strong breeze.

5km in 38:45
AHR 127 (79%);   MHR 150 (94%)
8:12;    7:45;     7:38;     7:17;     7:46

Bowral Parkrun 5km Course.

Training Effect 3.8 =  Improving!  4.0 would have been highly improving!

Next Saturday I'm down as volunteer .....scanning bar codes; by the following Saturday I will be running with the others!

I've also made a change to my running during the week by changing to the F.I.R.S.T. 10km training program from the 5km which I've been using for several months now.  I need change as a challenge and for motivation! This, like all F.I.R.S.T. training programs has all paces based on a recent 5km time.  Recently, mine was 33:43 so I'm using 33:50 for the three major sessions : track repeats, tempo run and long run.  Start Tuesday at Chevalier College track.

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