Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tempo Run ~~~~ A headache!

The run was a headache and I had a headache!   I woke up with a headache and not feeling the least like a run, so I hummed and hawed, will I?  Won't I? Take the day off?  Get out and try?  The last mentioned won; can always stop if things go 'belly up'! It wasn't quite 'belly up' but near enough when I look at what the run should have been:

1.5km easy
3.5km @ Short Tempo pace (6:55m/k based on 34 min 5km time)
1.5km easy
3.5km @ ST pace
1.5km easy.

Instead of that it faded into :

1.0km easy
3.4km @ 7.7 m/k avg.....walk breaks!
1.5km easy
3.0km @ 7.4 m/k avg......walk breaks!
1.0km easy ... walk!
TE 2 = Maintaining.....surprising!  Thought it would be 'Minor' which is as low as it goes! 

All  9.9kms were a struggle.  Headache forced too many walk breaks, so if I achieved anything at all, I've yet to work out what it was! I hope it was better than not doing anything.  Rest tomorrow and back to Bowral Parkrun on Saturday after missing the last 4 weeks.

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