Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Temperamental Tempo Run...

Program : 2km warm-up. Stop....Rest...Psych yourself up.

4km 'hard' (tempo Run) - running fast as for a 'good tme' - a little below racing effort - about HR 134.

I think I put too much effort into psyching myself up and when I think of having a 'good time' it means having a few drinks with friends! Instead, this was a 'rotten time'.....struggling & wheezing my way round Chev track trying to run fast enough to get my heart rate up to 134 (90%). Again, I started late at 11:30a.m & it was already 26 degrees, feeling like 36! I'm getting too old for this sort of caper!

Results : 2km warm-up.

4km tempo Run.
Time = 28:13
Avg. Pace = 6:58.
AHR = 85%; MHR = 90%.

1km laps = 6:53; 6:59; 7:05; 6:58


  1. Dear Luckylegs,

    Thank you so much for kindly remembering me with your comment a few days ago. Sadly life has become a bit too busy for me to keep up my blogging frequency. But your words some five or six months ago were quite prophetic ... my Achilles has improved so much and I am enjoying my running again!! Hoefuly for many more years.

    Happy New Year. May this year of the Ox be an auspicious one for Luckylegs!!


  2. You were bloomin' on fire. Nice kms for that temperature.