Thursday, January 08, 2009

What a Difference.....

....a drop of more than 14 degrees makes!. I found yesterday's heat just too darned hot to go out in, so I missed the 16 x 100m track session. Today, no trouble in getting out.

Program : Recovery 6km run @ 75% AHR.

With nothing to recover from, plus the cool morning, this was a very easy 6km run.

Today I committted myself, in spite of swearing that I wouldn't ever again, to doing this year's Canberra Marathon! "What the hell," I thought. "At 79 years of age, there can't be that many more I'll be here to do, so no time to put things on the back-burner!" At the same time, it will keep me motivated & 'in shape' for my assault on the 50km in 2010! Accommodation booked & entry form on its way for 2009 Canberra Marathon.

Arrangements are also in place for : SMH Half Marathon; Gold Coast Half; Blackmores Half & Melbourne Half Marathon.

Now.....which skirts will I wear?


  1. Put on a fresh one each lap - just like the tennis players do with their shirts.

  2. Woo that is so exciting! Glad to hear you will be in Canberra - will be good to catch up with you. Such an inspiration to be running marathons LL. I hope I can be just like you!!!

    See you there.....

    umm its not fair that you get such cool changes in the middle of summer - send them up our way!

  3. Now that's class, and you'll look so Cool during the event.

  4. You were running a week after the Canberra marathon last year and I wrote.

    "A recovery like that means there may be another marathon or two in you LL. Well at least you should keep it on the table."

    Oh I love being proved right, doesn't happen that often.