Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weather OK, but Everything Else Messed up!

PROGRAM : Chev Track.

2km warm-up, stretches, drills, strides
12 laps 'sitting on' 86% of MHR.
Time each 2 laps.

Ewen had sent me an alternative program to use if the day turned out to be as hot as recent ones. It didn't, so I was able to do the above session - with one exception - when I arrived at Chev track I found I'd left the heart rate monitor & Mr G-armin at home! Both of them!!

I petty well know by now what 86% of MHR feels & sounds like (an old cow!), so I decided to go by that.

2k warm-up on the usual course through the grounds.
Stretches, drills etc. on the track.

Distance = 6km
Then 12 laps, unable to time each 2, but felt like 86%...i.e. hard work! Changed directions occasionally. Finished with some stretches on the grass in the shade.

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