Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Last run for 2008!

As I'm taking a rest day tomorrow, today was my last run for the year 2008!

Program : Hill Repeats.
3km warm-up.
2 x 60 seconds uphill.

3 x 40 seconds uphill.
Recovery jog down between each.

3km warm-down.

Of course I got the numbers wrong as usual & did 3 x 60 seconds instead of two!

Results : MHR for hill repeats = (131)87%; (131)88%; (133)89%; (132)88%; (128)88%; ( 125)83%.

2008 has been a very good year for still being alive, running & healthy at 79! It also marks the year I ceased, for personal reasons, to be a member of Cool Running, but hopefully I did not lose the friendships I cherish.

Starting the year with the Canberra Marathon in April; Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon in May; Sri Chinmoy 16km in June (that was a funny one!); the Gold Coast Half Marathon in July; ACT Masters Half Marathon in August; Blackmore's Half Marathon in September and Samsung Melbourne Half Marathon in October. Through minor illnesses I missed 3 that I had planned running again i.e. City to Surf, Central Coast Half Marathon & Fishers Ghost 10km.

I hope to be in fine fettle for all of these runs in 2009 & also run more of the Sri Chinmoy Races, Sydney Series. "Que Sera Sera".


  1. That's an impressive 2008 running resume LL.

    Big hugs to you for 2009. I look forward to seeing you at some of those Sri Chinmoy races. We enjoyed quite a few this year - love those pancakes.


  2. Yep sounds like a good running year! I hadn't realised about CR as I haven't been on the forum for MANY months.

    All the best for 2009 and I hope to continue to read about your impressive accomplishments!

  3. Yes Wildthing, I surely do hope to meet with you again at the first Sri Chinmoy Race in Sydney on March 29th in Centennial Park.

  4. Happy New Year LL. See you at Canberra maybe? I'm doing the 50k.

  5. Happy new year LL and may 2009 be everything you want it to be. Hope to see you around somewhere in 2009 - maybe Canberra in April?

  6. You got the numbers wrong! In that case, I can only give you 89% for that session :)

    See you next year!