Sunday, December 28, 2008

Put on Your Sunday Skirt & Run!

Each of my 5 skirts gets a turn to show off on consecutive Sundays. This morning it was the turn for this Navy/Bluebell little number to take to the streets! Range Road actually.

Program : 12km @ AHR 79% (medium aerobic). Negative split if feeling OK.

It was a super morning to start with but became hotter on the return section. I can blame that for missing the negative split by 1 minute.

6km out in 51 minutes. AHR = 72%.

6km return in 52 minutes. AHR = 75%.

I don't know why I was so tired after such an easy run but I was, so after showering I slept for an hour...or more!

I think I'm getting a new program for the start of 2009....I must ask Ewen to keep in mind that I'll be doing the Canberra 50km in 2010, by which time I will have reached the age of 80 years & 7 months! Good God!!


  1. It's a date. If you do it, so will I.

    No, no, that's nothing do with "little numbers". I mean, the 50k in 2010!

  2. 50/2010? Sounds good to me! :-)

    Good on you LL.


  3. It's good to have long term plans.

    I'm sure there'll be a good crowd to cheer you along in 2010.

  4. I hope skirts catch on :)

    50k at 80! Has it ever been done before? I should be there, to watch both you and Spody suffer :)