Sunday, December 07, 2008

Just Lazing Around......

No running at all this weekend. Apart from some hip bursitis which seems to be OK now, I just haven't felt what is called "well" for a while. However, I'll get myself out again tomorrow & see how things go. Never say die!

In the meantime, I'll just walk the doggies this afternoon.. It's a much cooler day than yesterday so we should all enjoy the fresher air. I also have a bag of stale bread which I must take to 2 of my favourite cows who know me so well now that they trot over to the fence as soon as the car pulls up.


  1. What are their names? The doggies that is, not the cows! Then again, you probably have names for the cows too :)

    I'm wondering if the bursitis isn't the underlying cause of the unwellness. I've have tendonosis in my shoulder and it left me feeling not quite right.

  2. Amy & Oliver! The doggies, not the cows!!

  3. Nice names :) Now you will have to think of some for the cows.