Monday, September 15, 2014

What a Difference......

.......a week off makes!  Puff! Puff!  Nevertheless, I made it back with Leah and Ross at 7:15 this morning for our usual 5km loop from the school, through Renwick and back to the school.  Surprisingly warm morning followed by an even warmer day; the most beautiful weather over the past few days in Mittagong.

5km loop

Tomorrow, I'm taking Leah through her first track session!  Ross not terribly interested and is doing upper body work instead.  For this week we'll be using the soccer field at the school so as Leah can shower in the gym and be in time for school at 8:30.  Whether we get through the whole program will be determined by the time available. 

I can't help wondering what she'll think of the drills and strides prior to the workout! 

Looking forward to it!

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