Sunday, May 28, 2017

Saturday & Sunday ~~~~~

Saturday :  Bowral Parkrun 5km
84.97% Age Graded

At first, I was a little disappointed with this finish time but, on reflection, parkrun comes near the end of the running week of my 10km program, and so I think I have to allow myself some slack and not expect to run much better than this on Saturdays! 

While I'm following this 10km program to prepare for the Sydney Harbour 10km on July 9, I'm afraid Parkrun will have to take a back seat.  It's an extra run that isn't on the program and I'll be doing it as best I can but without expecting too much in terms of improving times and, if I have to take an extra day's rest, it'll be parkrun that has to go.  Sorry, Bowral Parkrun, but it's only for a few months!

The events that I'm training for are: Sydney Harbour 10km, July 9;  Blackmores 10km Bridge Run, September 17 and Fishers Ghost 5km, November ?.... can't find the date for 2017 but probably November 12 as it's always held on the 2nd Sunday in November.

Sunday  :  Long Run, 13km
2 hours!
Diamond Fields Road

On finishing, Garmin informed me this was my longest run!  Longest, probably, since I last trained for a half marathon and that's more than a year ago!  Anyhow, 13km is what my program said and that's what I did but with the very last ounce of energy I could muster to get through the last 2-3 km! Funnily enough, though not funny at all at the time, it was my glutes that ached the most towards the finish! Everything was aching but aching glutes was new for me! I think this was a result of all the hills I ran without stopping half way as I usually do, plus a few strides on the flat. 

Whatever!  I was totally all spent when I got back to the school from where I started 2 hours earlier; couldn't have run another step after making a last 300m dash to finish - just like it's crossing the finish line on race day! Drove home and did my usual stretches on the back lawn while stuffing my face with a strawberry and banana muffin  ..homemade and to die for!   A shower later and a hot meal of chicken and mushroom risotto, have done a little to revive me while I sit with Amy on the lounge, typing, with a heated throw blanket around the both of us!

Vita bona est!

Tomorrow, Monday :  complete rest!

Week 3 :   34km
Week 1 -3 :  62km

Diamond Fields Road 13km this morning ... slowed down (hmmmm!) by a herd of cattle!


  1. I'm happy with any parkrun age % of 70+ so 80+ is outstanding in my book!

  2. I'm going to have to get a heated throw blanket! It's getting cold. Nice weekend of training. Your parkruns will improve off the back of the 10k training (eventually). Anything under 40 and with that high % is a good result.

  3. Freezing here tonight, Monday, Ewen! I was hoping parkrun might improve off the back of 10k training but it's OK if it doesn't; it isn't my focus right now.