Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Track at Chevalier College ~~~~~

Of course I should have been there at 6:00am but it was near 10:00am by the time I got myself to the track and it was so hot!  Today, was what Magill calls 'Cruise Intervals' which, from memory, is a pace slightly less than for 10km; anyhow there's a chart, based on my recent 5km time, to use to get the correct pace for these 'cruises'!

Warm-up .... 1km incl. 4 strides/drills
4 - 6 x 1000m ..... I did the minimum of 4 ..... @ 7:14m/k

6:54    81-89%    TE  2.1
6:26    83-88%     TE 2.1
7:15    84-90%     TE 2.2
6:34    82-89%     TE 2.2 .... all maintaining!

Stretches in the shade!   Home in the shower!


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